Friday the 13th is Delhi’s horror day

The superstitious believe Friday the 13th brings the worst. It was 11 years back on this day that 59 people perished in a devastating fire inside the uptown Uphaar theatre where Hindi film Border was running to a packed house. Eleven years along, the city remembers the Uphaar dead today — once again, Friday the 13th.

Nothing much has changed since; only the horror of Friday the 13th remains etched in memory. Public places still remain vulnerable to fire-related tragedy, and there is no guarantee that another Uphaar won’t happen again. After more than a decade of the tragedy, accountability continues to be at a premium. No lessons have been learnt. Seriously no one seems to be bothered.

Let us be direct. Have you ever given it a thought. That the


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  1. anant

    Truly saying we just haven’t even once gave a thought to this day. Everyone remembered the day as the Delhi’s horror day only when we read newspapers. Nobody even gave it a thought to this. It is a saying that only those feel the importance of theses days whom they have lost their loved one’s. Someone has lost their parents or even parents lost their children. Nobody , nobody in this world can make them comfortable. I myself felt sad today when i came to know that this Uphaar tragedy occurred eleven years ago on 13th. My heart was crying and i started weeping that why didn’t i remember this day. No one is bothered about this. All are selfish and mean that they just got forgot about a massive tragedy which happened
    I do agree that we didn’t know when another uphaar could occur as the same we didn’t came to know it eleven years ago. The government has just not taken any step and learnt just nothing from that incident. A question arises in my mind that why does the government tries to play with the lives of the people. In this world everything is possible then why didn’t always the government fails to protect lives of the people. Like uphaar and Jaipur blasts the government just failed. After all of these tragedies the government just announce the allowances. When will we see the life of citizens dying in front of us. Why are just not we ready inspite of knowing that the accidents could happen anytime. Why does the government does not take appropriate measures knowing the increasing amount of terrorist activity in the country.

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