At AIIMS, docs lose sleep as burglars strike at will

Dr S K Panda and his wife Dr Geeta are in a state of shock. Living in a gated community inside the high-security All India Institute of Medical Sciences campus, they still cannot believe that their home was burgled. The daring day-time burglary in their home has left them poorer by over Rs 10 lakh in goods, cash and jewellery.
What is causing the entire neighbourhood to panic is the fact that this senior doctor couple (Dr Panda is the head of the Pathology Department and Dr Geeta is a microbiology professor) is not the only victim. Just four days before their home was targeted, another doctor’s house was similarly cleaned out by thieves. Chain-snatchings are also a common occurrence here. The CI block, where the Pandas live, has 20 independent houses where some of the country’s senior-most doctors live.

AIIMS spends several crores on security annually, where does all that money go?


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